Walking Fit Kit

Madeleine Lewis
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Walking Aerobics

I finally found the Gaiam Walking Fit Kit at Ross. For $8.99! Even with the *$%^%!%!! CA sales tax it was still a steal.

The instructor is Madeline Lewis. Who has done several workouts for Gaiam, including a stretch and a walking video. Madeline is not annoying in any way, has a nice voice and cues well!!!

The Kit contains:

* 2 x 3lb rather pretty handweights
* Walking CD
* VHS with a strength and a stretch workout
* stretch strap with closed loop ends

I did the walking CD on my elliptical. It is 60-minutes. It has options to make a longer or shorter workout by repeating some of the sections. Madeline gives some pointers, but doesn't talk endlessly. The muic is a light jazz/world with some vocals. A good beat, and you can walk to it. Much like the music in her walking video. The workout has brisker sections, but not real intervals.

This is not an advanced workout. Despite being fond of our two favorite handsome sadists (with the word "Coach" in front of their names), sometimes I don't want to kill myself in a workout!

The VHS has a 23-minute strength routine using the hand weights. And a 23-minute stretch using the strap. Both were very nice and good for a lower energy day.

This is a great deal, even if you don't like all the components. It was on sale at Gaiam recently. But with Gaiam's #(&^$^$*#^%^# shipping costs, I don't know if it would be as good a deal.

Instructor Comments:
Please see review.