AM/PM Stretch

Madeleine Lewis
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Athletic Stretch

(This review refers to the DVD version)

This is a great DVD. A GAIAIM DVD that actually has chapter selections and options such as music only option and bonus workout. GAIAM is usually not known for chaptering. This DVD consists of two workouts of 25 minutes each plus a bonus workout. Each workout startes with a 5 minute warmup. The scenery is on the deck in the mountains. A very pretty landscape. The AM stretch consists of a more full body workout. The instruction is very detailed with lots of tips on proper form and breathing. With the DVD you can turn this off (it gets to be a little chatty after awhile). AM Stretch consists of more floor exercises while PM stretch seems to deal with more lower body stretches. I really like the fact that AM stretch starts with the model on the floor and gradually goes to standing exercises, while PM stretch starts with the standing stretches and gradually goes to floor. A very thourough stretch DVD

Instructor Comments:
This video is instructed by voice-over so there is no one to comment on. The model does the exercise and someone else tells what they are doing. There is a music only option on the DVD.

Latasha Gary