Quick Fix Arms And Legs

Minna Lessig
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This is a part of the Quick Fix Series. This tape concentrates on the Arms and Legs. Divided into three 10 minute sections, they are short enough to use as an add on to other tapes or all together for a longer workout.

The first section is compound upper body work with leg work. Piles with overhead presses, step squats with hammer curls, dips with bicep curls, and side lateral raises are some of the moves included.

The second section is all bodyweight lower body work. No dumbbells are needed. You will do squats, lunges, piles, static lunges, and ski squats (very narrow stance squats).

The third section is all standing upper body work. You will do bicep curls, triceps extensions, side lateral raises, front raises, one arm rows, and tricep kickbacks.

Each of the segments begins with a very short 1 minute warm-up and a very short half a minute stretch to end the segment.

This is geared for beginners. Minna and her crew are using very light weights. Most of the upper body moves are performed slow enough that you could use heavier weights. I used ten pounds and felt that it gave a much better workout than using the 3-5 pounds that they are using. You can also add the appropriate weight for the second section of lower body work.

I found that there were many things that I did not care about in this video. All of the comments "I can feel sexy arms and legs coming" were very annoying and scripted. I prefer that they keep the comments motivational or related to form points or modifications rather than looking sexy. Also during the ski squats, which are very narrow stance squats Minna's knee extends beyond her toes. I don't feel that a beginner should attempt ski squats until they have mastered traditional squats, since they can be hard on the knees if not performed properly.

Though this tape is beginner level, I can't say that I would suggest it to a someone beginning to add weight training to their routine. I think that the Firm Basic series would be a better choice since more modifications and options are demonstrated. Since Quick Fix doesn't show the modifications to adding weight to the lower body moves, or show increased weight, a beginner might find it hard or intimidating to add weights on their own. There is no suggestions at how to advance the workout to suit your increased level of fitness.

Susie F.