Power Kicks

Aaron Lankford
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

I really enjoy this video. If you have never tried kickboxing, this is a good introduction to it. It is a well thought out workout and progresses through the segments at a steady pace. I would rank this as a definite intermediate workout, depending on your experience with kickboxing. I enjoy Aaron's motivational comments and encouragement to kick higher, keep the fists up and to snap those punches out and back to tone up those arms. (not fully extending, of course) He is right - the more you do his video, the higher and stronger your kicks become. This video has increased my interest in learning a martial art for the sake of personal protection and to improve my form. I enjoy alternating this with Tae Bo to provide a variety in my workouts. I have seen the most change in my abs since beginning aerobic kickboxing and it keeps me motivated. I have enjoyed Firm videos in the past, but they never quite gave me abs I could see. Not so with kickboxing. I will keep Aaron at the top o of my kickboxing list for some time to come. I hope he comes out with a second video soon!

Instructor Comments:
I think Aaron is a very motivating instructor. He is always encouraging you to kick higher but doesn't pressure you into feeling bad if you can't. He genuinely enjoys kickboxing and is very clear in his instructions. I enjoy him as much as I do Billy Blanks. Both instructors are different, yes, but sometimes you need a different motivator on different days. I tend to alternate Power Kicks and Tae Bo to provide variety.