Power Kicks

Aaron Lankford
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

It seems that most people who like kickboxing videos divvy up into Tae Bo people, CIA people, or Power Kicks people and I am definitely one of the latter! I have Tae Bo, but haven't purchased the CIA video since I don't like tapes that are longer than an hour.

I like Power Kicks better than Tae Bo (advanced) for a couple of reasons:

1)While it seems to be the opposite for others, PowerKicks challenges me without making me feel like I'm going to die. Tae Bo advanced has me huffing and puffing right out of my aerobic zone and leaves me with a killer headache, while Tae Bo basic is too easy.

2) I like Aaron's more straightforward style. There's less of a cult of personality thing going on here.

3) I like the self-defense emphasis rather than the "get those tight buns!" emphasis

4) I feel more stable when doing the kicks.

5) No double-time strobe light sections

6) No floor work (though the standing leg work is killer)

The video reminded me a lot of Aerobox, which I like but almost never do. I do see myself doing Power Kicks on a semi-regular (every week or so) basis.

It's not perfect--the background exercisers seem to flail about (and one is a blackbelt??), the music is there, but not terribly inspiring, and on the last section where he does punches and blocks, while he does the blocks with both hands, he only does it in one stance, so you end up working your right side more than your left. Also, the warm-up and final stretch could be more thorough, as could the ab work. The set is kind of blah, although I must admit that I was so focused on watching Aaron (for form! He's cute, but not my cup o'tea) that I really didn't pay that much attention to anything else. I even missed the infamous nose pick!

Instructor Comments:
Aaron gives clear cuing. Form pointers could be a *lttle* bit better. I like him!

Renee Drellishak