Lalo Fuentes
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I am probably a low advanced exerciser. Even though I usually describe myself as an intermediate, I completed one rotation of CLX this year and I'm considering buying 25-pound dumbbells, so I guess I'm feeling pretty cocky right now. LOL I'm doing various things post-CLX and wanted something new that used light weights. I decided to try this workout after reading about it on VF.

You can play this DVD in English or Spanish. That's the main menu. Then, from the submenu, you can choose to play the workout with music only or music and his instructions.

He does start with a warm up, but it's almost all stretching, with a little running in place at the end of the warm up. The first time I did the workout, I was totally turned off by the warm up. After doing the workout the first time and getting really sore and the soreness didn't go away until I stretched a day later, I started to see the benefit of - maybe. More benefit to me is inserting short stretches throughout the workout.

He then moves into the body of the workout. He does a series of moves, one after the other, and does each move for 10-20 reps. It depends on what the move is as to how many he does. He does several moves and then there is a short break where he speaks motivational thoughts and the words are on the screen. During this time, you are supposed to connect your inner being to the fitness you are acquiring, I guess. I drink water and stretch during those times. There is no set pattern to the moves. Some workouts, for example, do an upper-body move followed by a lower-body move followed by a core move. He hits all those areas in the workout, but not in each set of moves. Some sets (the combination of moves between those breaks when I stretch and drink water) are more focused on the lower body or the core, etc.

Overall, the workout hits the lower body HARD - in a good way. There are lots of squats and lunges in different forms. The variety keeps me with him. He tends to explain the next move as and after he actually starts it. Given that form is a big thing with me, I find this irritating. I do as he does, but I'd like to do as he SAYS from the beginning.

The workout it reminded me of was one of Tracy Long's workout. The ONLY thing that triggered that thought were some of the moves themselves. Many of them seemed "functionally" oriented. Those that weren't used body weight or light weights. I use 3-pounders.

The set is rather ugly, like an empty warehouse. It's somewhat dark, but seeing him is no problem. The music is good; instrumental, but not the usual workout techno music. He's alone in the workout.

Do I like the workout? I enjoy it when I do it now. My question is whether I will pull it out and do it long term. It's the kind of workout that I can like, but don't feel drawn to do long-term. So, we'll see.

Instructor Comments:
He is easy to follow visually. Verbally, he doesn't give enough information quickly enough. Given the instructions are given in voice over, there isn't a lot of interaction with the people on the other side of the TV screen.

Laura S.