Yogini Workout

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

The third workout in "The Studio" trilogy, Yogini Workout blends yoga, pilates and traditional toning for the ultimate total body shaping experience. (the workout also adds in the element of flexibility training)

The workout is total body focused with an emphasis on women's trouble spots: The abs, hips and thighs. The core strengthening moves also tones and stretches the body. (a timesaver for those that want to strengthen the body and feel "stretched out")

The movements are precise & smooth, moving from one exercise to the next. You will perform many familiar yoga poses (Warrior 1 & 2, down dog, etc) but Ellen adds unique twists. The first 30 minutes is dedicated to standing work and the last 15 minutes is focused lower body/core training on the floor.

The Studio trilogy offers a complete total body system. Each workout in the set brings a special emphasis, enhancing each others benefits. Ellen developed a well thought out program that whether performed alone or together in a rotation, will shape & define "feminine" muscle tone.

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