Pregnancy Workout

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1988

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

I agree with Melissa's review of this tape, it is good for beginning or intermediate exercisers or to give you a little boost of energy in your last trimester. However, as an advanced exerciser though, this tape did little for me (because this tape was made back in 1988 though, the ACOG guidelines were stricter than they are now). Another thing that completely turned me off this video was the Prego Shuffle rap song in the middle (or was it the end?) of the aerobic section. GAG! Its worse than the dork dance of Firm IV. Its Kathy and the rest of her pregnant cast dancing around rapping out this song with sunglasses on). It was the worst! I would never have done this in a million years. It would have been better if there would have been a perceived exertion check or heart rate check there instead of this stupid song.

I bought this tape with my first pregnancy and used it very little then, but since I've had two subsequent pregnancies and found that I would rather modify my Cathe or CIA tapes instead of having to tolerate this tape.

Wendy M