Yogini Workout

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

Yogini is a 45 minute workout. Performed barefoot. No equipment needed other than a yoga mat.

Chapters included:

Warm Up
Side Angle Crunch
Warrior I Series
Swan Dive Stretch
Chair Squat Series
Seated Stretches

The music was provided by Healthy Living Hit Music. (mywalkingmusic.com)

Again the music was relaxing but I've heard better relaxing music for these types of workouts.

The back cover description of this workout states:

This signature Studio workout is challenging yet relaxing. Can exercise & tranquility co-exist? Yes! And you won't believe how good you feel when they collide! We begin with breathing invigoration, flow into a 30 minute zenful standing series, then spend 15 minutes on the mat, targeting our "trouble" spots - the belly, buns & thighs. The workout is 45 minutes total, moderately tempo-ed - and suitable for all fitness levels.

I totally feel Yogini compliments Ellen's Fat Burning Fusion and Slim Sculpt Studio workouts.

Yogini is yoga core focused calisthenics. With emphasis on the lower body (belly, butt and thighs). However with some of these yoga moves you will work your upper body. Some moves are quick while others are flowy. Some moves she starts out slow and then has you quicken them. Some are held longer than others. Debra shows modifications on all the moves throughout the workout. The camera angles are good as is the lighting. The set is the same as the set in her The Studio workouts.

Ellen states in the workout calm energy charged energy. This workout will allow for muscular energy in and organic energy out. The same as her other two Studio workouts. Also there is that good feeling afterwards. Or maybe its the good energy gained by doing the workout. You definitely feel stretched out, leaned out and you walk taller. All stress free. What a bonus!

There's also a nice feeling of being able to do a workout barefoot with no equipment needed. Yogini along with FBF & SS are all non-space hog workouts.


For people who have issues with wrists, might want to find modifications for some exercises or not hold them so long. Also people with knee issues who hate plies and such, will also want to make modications or not do so many.

I never ended up keeping Ellen's Crunch Super Slimdown so I was concerned about this one. But this one doesn't remind me of Crunch Super Slimdown which is good for me.

This is a keeper!

Instructor Comments:
Ellen is very pleasant with a calm demeanor. She cues excellently and always shows proper form. She is tops in the field of fusion inspired workouts. Its as if she lives the fusion lifestyle.