Slim Sculpt

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

Blending multiple exercise principles, Slim Sculpt tones you without bulking (think dancer's physique). Slim Sculpt puts the emphasis on upper body sculpting making this workout a perfect compliment to Ellen's Fat Burning Fusion (which contained more lower body work).

The standing series runs approximately 30 minutes. Using very light hand weights (1-3 lbs max), you'll flow through precise exercises to work the upper body. All areas of the upper body, including back and chest, are hit while standing (as well as some lower body toning due to the incorporation of such stances as plies and lunges). Many of the movements are small and controlled but you will feel it! Incorporating continual movement will increase heart rate and burn calories. Lots of form pointers & tips ensure safety.

The floorwork is about 15 minutes and works the glutes, legs and core. Pilate movements as well as more traditional toning are demonstrated. Lots of core engagement, you'll feel the entire abdominal area being worked. Ellen also includes some bridge work to really tone the butt/hamstring area.

The workout concludes with a great seated stretch. It gentle cools you down and relaxes you as well.

Done barefoot and with minimal equipment, Slim Sculpt is a total body workout with an upper body focus. If you liked Fat Burning Fusion, you'll love Slim Sculpt! Anyone can participate as the exercises are easy to follow (but still tough enough for fitness veterans!). Ellen includes a modifier for even easier variations. Time will fly in this little gem--if you enjoy fusion workouts then give Slim Sculpt a try!

Instructor Comments:

Set: same as Fat Burning Fusion, it's visually appealing & not distracting.

Music: Instrumental throughout