March To Fitness

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This was one of my virgin videos and I got it out when I joined the No-Buying Challenge. I'm glad I did. It's not an advanced tape but I find it's one of those tapes you can use when you've had a very difficult day and need to relax. The warmup is corny! Kathy and the two other women on the screen sing a marching song and I find that a bit hard to get through. But that's Kathy. After that it's great fun, actually more dancing than marching, particularly in the segments with Latin music (samba-like, actually) and '50s style music as well. I usually end up smiling when doing those two parts, and I think the first half of the video can be an excellend warmup for a strenght workout. Also, seriously, Kathy should make a dancing instruction video. I'm a klutz when dancing, but I can always follow her.