March To Fitness

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Walking Aerobics

Level: Novice/beginner
Composition: 5 minute marching warm-up; 20 minutes aerobic dance and marching steps; 5 minute "warm-down"
Impact: Low--no dangerous moves here--just some fun ones! Choreography: Simple but fun variations on marches and dance moves
Music: Energetic march, rock, latin, and funk
Setting: Beautiful sunny atrium overlooking what must be a tropical setting (or at least Southern (California!)

Kathy and two other women (one of them a choreographer on this production lead this 30-minute walking-based workout which includes dance steps from the 60's (no Twist or funky chicken, though), conga and some Latin-inspired hip-grinding moves, and an introduction to interval training. She doesn't include heart-rate checks but periodically asks "how are you feeling? Go drink some water, and let's keep moving." Also she reminds you that you can drop arm movements and not lift your knees as high if you are getting winded.

This is definitely a beginner tape--but IMHO beginners can't go wrong with Kathy. It could work for an older person who's new to exercise, one who's overweight, or pregnant or recovering from childbirth (that's when I used it--with my doctor's approval, of course!). I recommended it to one of my colleagues, who's 50 and likes to walk outside, but can't do it during our cold weather. She loves it, too. I'll keep it in my collection just in case another baby is in my future :)

Grade: A

Melissa Cooper