Functionally Fit: Lower Body Firming

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Nobody does basics like Kathy Smith. Perhaps recognizing that squats and squat variations are not the most exciting lower body work (although they are very effective), Kathy splits this tape into two 15-minute sections. The first begins with a perfunctory warm-up of basic arm swings and leg pulses, then heads into standard fare: squats, one-legged squats, pulse squats.standard stuff. But nobody cues the basics better than Kathy, and she is pleasant enough (and the section short enough) that the time flies by. Section two is more of the same, with a few more one-legged moves for the more advanced. This is hardly the most imaginative lower-body tape out there, but Kathy understands the home exerciser like no one else. The warm-ups use basic choreography that anyone can follow, and the sections are short enough that anyone can fit them in; long enough, when combined, to challenge all but the most advanced exerciser; and intense enough that progress can be seen in a short time. She's not fancy or hard-core, but Kathy Smith is a pretty solid choice for beginner to high intermediates, and this tape is one you can grow with.