Functionally Fit: Lower Body Firming

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Both of the functionally fit videos in my opinion were uninspiring, boring. They are more suited to people that are below the level of beginning. I would say these tapes are for the novice exerciser, someone who has not done exercise in a long time, but then again, someone who hasn't exercised needs tapes that will indeed keep the motivation up. In these tapes the set looks like a "home" set, I guess this is due to the fact that it has to coincide with the title of "Functionally Fit", boring set, even boring exercise outfits, look like the ones years and years ago that people used to wear, before the updated "cool" exercise fashions came along. All in all, I'd give these videos a D, I don't believe there was as much time put into these videos as her others (like Fat Burning, Great Secrets of a Great Body Volumes 1 and 2 or Instant Workout or Step Workout)and I think it was just a video to make money rather than be inspiring, or effective.

Terrie B.