Secrets of a Great Upper Body

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Upper Body Strength

A painless intro to weight training from one of the best beginners' instructors around. Following a light warmup, Kathy takes time to describe your upper body muscles and demonstrates basic exercises for each of them, then does the exercises in 12-rep sets. The workout is a good one, but I wish Kathy would count out loud, because it can be hard to keep your eyes on the TV sometimes, and the roving camera doesn't always catch the movements from a good angle. I personally think a real live trainer is the best way to learn weights, but if that's not available, this will do. Two sets of dumbbells, lighter and heavier, are needed; 5 lbs and 7 lbs would be good for starters. A chair is also used, and a bench or large step is nice but not mandatory.
Grade: B

Sue B