Secrets of a Great Lower Body

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I bought this video several years ago, when it came out. I was a new excerciser, and it seemed mediocre--boring music, monotone instruction, too much time spent demonstrating moves, lack of stretches.

However, today it is my favorite lower body tape. It is very thourough, and doesn't miss a major muscle. If you use the heaviest dumbells and ankle weights you possibly can, you should have no trouble working each muscle to exhaustion. (There are only a couple of excercises for which you can't easily add weights.) If you have been primarily using a tape like MIS, which involves mostly squats and leg presses, you will probably discover (painfully, the next day) that you have been missing a few muscles (particulary the calves-ouch!). Some of the excercises, particularly the ones for the hamstrings and quads, are very unusual and effective.

The initial drawbacks of the tape for me(lack of exciting music with a beat, Kathy doesn't count all the reps) are actually advantages if you want to use such heavy weights that you need to go more slowly. The time spent demonstrating gives you time to change weights, if necessary, or to do extra reps. There is still, in my opinion, inadequate stretching, but you can add your own.

A major lower-body re-shaper!

Instructor Comments:
very professional, excellent form. low-key, not "perky"

Lyn Seidler