Great Buns and Thighs Workout

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

I liked this 50 minute video. It goes after what the title implies, buns and thighs. I am an adv beginner to intermediate exerciser. I found I could finish this but I got DOMS for 2 days afterward.
She does a nice warm up and then 3 segments. The first segment is very well cued step. This tape is definately for us folks who have two left feet. I got it the first time. Segment 2 is working the buns and thighs, 10 minutes. Segment 3 is on the floor. I did not find this piece very challenging. I may skip that next time and add a little ab piece of my own.

I like the video but I think the cardio is to short. I see sometime down the road I will be looking for longer step cardio...for now this does fill my bill.

Instructor Comments:
She was very good in this video. I did not even notice many "uh huhs."
Her cueing was right on.