Great Buns and Thighs Workout

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

I've never been a Kathy Smith fan, and I'm still not. But this was offered to me through the exchange, and I thought it would be good to give it a shot. This is only the second KS video I've ever tried, and I really can't get too excited about it. It's designed to work your buns and legs, as the name implies. You use the step for the first two segments, and then you go to the floor. I didn't think the step portions were all that intense for me, but I have been doing this for many years, so beginners and intermediates would have different opinions. I did like the floor work, but only because I added ankle weights (she didn't). This is not a *bad* workout by any means, just not challenging enough for an advanced exerciser.

Annie S.