Great Buns and Thighs Workout

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

This video promises to reshape your butt and thighs. It features step aerobics and floorwork. It is well-produced in a well-lit, sunny windowed studio and features a nice assortment of exercisers. They are a variety of ages, sizes and shapes, use varying step heights, and yes, sometimes work off the step. Smith instructs well, and motivates. I like that fact she encourages you to focus on the muscles being worked. The workout contains a number of butt shaping moves throughout the aerobics, and there are impact options for some of the moves. Her gang really seems to be having fun. The steps are largely straight forward, although an occassional more-dancy rocking horse or can-can sneaks in. The music is fun, especially in the warm-up. That techno-inspired song really jams. I was surprised the workout didn't include plies, which are great for butts and thighs. The drawback to this workout is repetition. There just aren't many ways to challenge yourself as you progress. You can add impact at some points and extend your range of motion but largely it won't grow with you. Also, after a few time of doing this tape, Smith really got on my nerves. Maybe it is because she is less natural and seems more rehearsed, but I find it very easy to get tired of her. She makes great tapes, though, especially for beginners to intermediates. Her form is good, her videos are well-produced and thank goodness, she's not annoyingly shrill like a person with the initials DA. This video is a good choice for intermediates looking for something that will work the lower bod and provide cardio work, that will allow them to become better conditioned and stronger for other challenges, but will largely become a video they will out grow with time. Its a fine workout I ocassionally do still, but its not the first one I grab.