Fat Burning Breakthrough

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Step Aerobics

I really like this tape a lot. I feel like I've had a good, thorough workout with the requisite liters of sweat having flown onto my carpet, but I don't feel wiped out. I would classify this tape as high intermediate. What I also like about this tape is that it consists of step choreography that is fun, without making me think too much or have to stop the tape and rewind. It's not for someone looking for creative choreography on the step, but it is good if you want to use the step for a nice, fat- burning workout.

There are essentially two sections, which Kathy calls waves, that consist of three zones of stepping, or three sections which get progressively more intense. The last zone in each of the waves consists of lunges with power. It really gets the heart rate up there. After the first wave is a recovery and then some weight work, in which you can choose either compound moves or just stick with the upper body work. She does the back (one arm rows) and biceps and shoulder presses after the first wave, and then does triceps, pushups and shoulder lateral raises and more back after the second wave. There is some ab work consisting of what Kathy calls 100 movements, including basic crunches, reverse curls and oblique crunches. She does some exercise for the lower back also. Then there is a nice stretch at the end.

The time flies by with this tape. It's great for me whose attention span is short (that's why I like the Firm also). I like all the different short sections, which flow logically from one to the next. It isn't enough for a strength workout, but at least you get some work for every muscle group.

Kathy is very cheerful in this tape and although she isn't the queen of step, she does a fairly good job with only some cueing problems. I like her in general, and give her a lot of credit for all the years of good, solid workout tapes, including this one.