Fat Burning Breakthrough

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Step Aerobics

This is one of Kathy’s best videos yet. A 50-minute variable intensity workout that uses both step aerobics and strength moves. The workout follows the “wave” format. Each wave consists of 3 intensity zones followed by a short recovery phase and a strength segment. There are two complete waves in this video.

The choreography is more basic and is taught in short blocks so that you will not get to bore with the simple moves. Also there are modifications shown for lower and higher intensity. It would be very easy to modify the first two zones to higher intensity to get a more advanced workout.

This is a brief breakdown of the video.

Wave 1
Begins with a short warmup (~6 minutes) that uses basic moves on the floor and the step to get you warmed up.

Zone 1: Lower Intensity (~4 minutes)

Lots of repeater, hip flexor repeaters, basics combos using the basic step and v steps.

Zone 2: Moderate Intensity (~4 minutes)

Power steps with kicks, up jack repeaters, running basic steps, over the tops (narrow end)

Zone 3: Higher Intensity Lots of power lunges, double power lunges, pulsing squats to over the tops (narrow end).

A short (~2 minutes) recovery section.

Strength section (~5 minutes) One arm lat rows, biceps curls with our with out the compound move of lunges on the step, overhead presses with our without the leg extensions on the step, hammer curls with or without the lunges on the step, and more one arm lat rows. Wave 2

Zone 1: Lower Intensity (~4 minutes)

Step kicks, cha-cha’s, alternating knee ups, straddling around the worlds.

Zone 2: Moderate Intensity (~4 minutes)

Knee ups with scissors on the floor, Charleston kicks, hitch kicks, over the tops (narrow end)

Zone 3: Higher Intensity (~4 minutes)

Power lunges, power knee ups, a move similar to the 360-knee repeater, over the tops (long end), pulsing squats to over the tops.

A short ~2 minute recovery

Strength Section (~6 minutes)

Tricep extensions, side lateral raises, pushups, crunches, crunch variations, reverse curls, and spinal erector work.

A nice ~4 minute stretch/cooldown follows. There are lots of nice laying stretches for the quads and legs, with nice standing upper body stretches.

The workout is filmed outdoors in a beautiful garden. Since it is outdoors there are lots of shadows covering the workout area. At times during the workout you may have trouble seeing some of the participants clearly. This can sometimes be a challenge since one of the participant’s previews some of the more challenging moves and the more powerful moves. There is also one participant who demonstrates doing the workout on the floor without a step. The shadows never truly interfere with the workout, though some may find it visually unappealing.

At times during the workout there are some voice over instructions. At times during the workout it felt or sounded like Kathy was yelling the cues. This is most likely because of the outdoor setting, she felt as if she needed to raise her voice to be heard over the music and the outdoors noises. This is most obvious during the preview and not as noticeable once you are doing the workout.

Overall this is a great video to use when you want to get some strength work as well as cardio and want a change from the usual circuit style workout. Intermediate and advanced will be able to use this tape with or without modifications to compliment their exercise routine.

Susie F.