Michael Olajide, Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

I have had this video for a long time, but only recently started doing it on a consistent basis. It has been reviewed rather extensively, so I won't write much.
If you don't mind higher impact and are looking for a video without complicated choreography and that can be perfromed using a minimum of space, this would be a good choice.
The tape is not an interval tape per se, but it does mix periods of lower intensity with periods of high intensity (the jump rope section).
There is a warm up, a stationary boxing section and then sections called stick and move alternating with jump rope sections. I never, ever, ever use a jump rope and probably never will. I lack the coordination, and get my hear rate up fine without one.
What I like about this tape is that it just seems to fly by. The stationary boxing section is the longest at 11 minutes, and then the three stick and move, jump rope sections are about 3-4 minutes long. Even if you are bored with one move, it won't last too long.
The music is instrumental. It is loud and motivating.
Kathy really does not do much instructing here, that is left to Michael Olajide. He does a fine job and is fine to look at to boot!