Michael Olajide, Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

Michael (Olajide) provides most of the instruction in this video. However, don't expect a boxer trying desperately to give aerobic instruction. He's a natural, and it's hard to believe he's not a professional aerobics instructor!

This is a FUN video. I use muscle toning videos three days a week, and use this about three times a month on one of my two 'cardio' days per week. It's great for a change of pace, not to mention a great workout. The boxing sections are fun, and you don't realize how hard you're working until you stop to think about it. The boxing segments alternate with jumping rope, which may sound easy, but it's not. I've done this video about five times and have yet to use my jump rope. They say the rope increases the intensity, and I'm not ready for that - even though I feel I'm in good shape aerobically. This is a good intermediate video, although I don't think an advanced exerciser would be bored. A good, fun change of pace!

Joni O