Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum and Hips

Gary Kraftsow
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Special Health Conditions , Yoga

Viniyoga Therapy is an ancient healing art and science that adapts Yoga techniques for specific therapeutic purposes.

This workout is done in voice over. There are three exercisers who show the postures. One exerciser in each of the three segments.

These are short, simple therapeutic yoga practices carfully designed to alleviate pain and promote health in the low back, sacrum and hips.

Gary suggests starting out with the first practice "Low Back and Sacrum Therapy", and then to build up to the more advanced practice of "Strength and Stability". He also recommends doing the first two therapy practices often to strengthen and build long-term health and fitness in your low back. He says to consider these practices as part of your regular routine to maintain a healthy and happy life. I agree that being pain free is a healthy and happy life.

The set:

Its a white background with some soft colored lighting in the background. A bright clean set.


There is no music during the instruction.


A mat and enough space to fully stretch out.


Understanding Back Pain

Technique Workshop

Therapeutic Practices

Special Features

Chapters in "Therapeutic Practices":

Guidelines For Practice 4 min.

Low Back Therapy 23 min.
There is a girl performing all the exercises alone. This section is a focused practice to rehabilitate and strengthen the low back and sacrum.

Hip Therapy 31 min.
A man performs all the exercises alone. This is a focused practice to stretch, align and balance the hips.

Strength & Stability 32 min.
A different man performs all exercises alone. This segment is a stronger practice for sustained low back, sacrum and hip health.

Each segment has a "Technique Review Explained". It pops up on screen on the top right hand corner for 5 seconds. If you wish you click on it and it will show you in detail form pointers. Then it returns you to where you were at. Each exercise gives you the opportunity to use the "Technique Review".


I found this to be a wonderfully instructed therapeutic workout. It is like physical therapy at home. This workout is not choppy and flows very nicely. It is soothing and relaxing even though it has no music during instruction. It allows for the home exerciser to totally focus on each body part that is being worked and healed. In the end of the class you feel good and pain free.

This workout is as much a keeper as Barbara Benaugh's "YFSR". we all from time to time have some aches and pains, for me its low back. This workout and Barbara's are wonderful for those times. The key is to use these workouts every week at least 2X to remain pain free.

Instructor Comments:
Gary has a come voice and demeanor. He offers good advice and carefully educates on many back issues.