Walk It Off With George: Circuit Walk

Petra Kolber, George Foreman
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I've always liked George Foreman's lovable, big teddy bear-like personality (at least how he's been in more recent years), so I thought I would check out one of his workouts; Circuit Walk is the first video I've tried from his Walk It Off series. One concern I had was that it would be too easy for me, as I am an experienced exerciser, but I was pleasantly suprised to discover that this workout could be easily modified to make it more challenging.

Although George is a prominent feature during the video, the workout is actually led by veteran instructor Petra Kolber, with George making occasional motivational comments throughout. Petra starts the workout with a basic aerobic warm-up, leading you through simple steps such as marches (the "walk"), side steps, heel taps forward, knee lifts, and the "George shuffle," which is just a walk forward and back; the warm-up lasts just over 5 minutes. Things start to move a bit more quickly for the main cardio segment of the workout, although the steps remain very basic. Petra does add a few variations such as front and side stomps, but everything is very easy to follow, especially since Petra always previews each new move first and tells you that you can stick with the walk if you are having trouble following along. During the cardio portion, there are also a few toning moves included in the form of squats and lunges. After about 23 minutes, you begin cooling down by returning to the moves from the warm-up, and then the last couple of minutes of the workout consist of a few simple lower body stretches, bringing the total time in at just under 32 minutes.

I wouldn't call this a true circuit workout, as the toning segments are pretty minimal. However, I found that by doing the squats and lunges double-time, I could keep my heart rate up, which was a good modification for my more advanced fitness level. Other things that you could do to make this workout more challenging include making the movements bigger, adding in your own arm movements, and increasing the impact slightly with small hops here and there. By doing the workout in this way, I was able to keep my heart rate in my target zone the entire time, and I burned just under 200 calories. On the other hand, the workout is very easy to modify down as well, making it completely appropriate for beginners.

If you're wondering how this workout compares to Leslie's Sansone's walking series, I found it to be a lot more fun. The music is much more upbeat, and Petra performs the moves with a bit more of a dancey flair, which I enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this video as a fun, basic workout for beginners or an enjoyable lighter alternative for intermediates who don't mind modifying the moves a bit to meet their own needs.

Instructor Comments:
Although I've found Petra a bit annoying in other videos, I didn't mind her here, although you could tell she was a bit programmed to say "walk it off with George" as much as possible. George is his usual, goofy self, which is what I like about him; his comments made me smile during the workout. Petra and George lead a class of about 8 participants of all shapes and sizes.

Beth C (aka toaster)