Walk It Off With George: Circuit Walk

Petra Kolber, George Foreman
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I am always on the lookout for new walking workouts. I have nearly all the Leslie Sansones and I get a lot of use out of them. I am a bit above their level, but if I keep my arm movements big and am suitably warmed up first I find I can still get a good workout out of them. They are a nice change from the necessary-but-evil impact work I have been doing!

So I was pleased to here of this new series, which has two workouts available and the potential for more later. George Foreman doesn't really interest me, but he had a nice rapport with instructor Petra Kolber, and with the background exercisers, whom he kibbitzes with from time to tome.

The workout was a little more intense than the typical Leslie stuff. Some squat and lunge intervals mixed in strategically with the walking stuff kept my heart rate up. And Petra has a few extra moves on Leslie: there is some mambo-ish stuff, some out-out-in-in and some definate choreography. There were a few places where we did some stuff on one side then came back after a march break to repeat the sequence again. This makes the time go by pretty fast!

The one weakness over Leslie is the total lack of upper body work. They don't even move the arms much. Even before the weights come in, Leslie makes an effort to move the arms that I did not see Petra and George make here. That's a bit disappointing.

Overall though, I am quite pleased. This gives me some much-needed variety in a workout category that previously only had one other option. I am still not in love with George, but these are solid routines and I anticipate future titles.

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