Walk It Off With George: Circuit Walk

Petra Kolber, George Foreman
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I am an intermediate exerciser who likes walking workouts. I have most of Leslie's. I like the Gaiam "Get Moving" one with Madeline Lewis. I didn't like the Prevention one.

This is FUN! I happen to like George and have only ever heard great things about him from folks who have met him. He doesn't really lead the workouts, that is done by Petra Kolber.

George is funny and is solid as a brick wall. Petra is perky and cute as a button. Her cueing is VERY GOOD. How do I know? Because, I was able to follow the workouts the first time. I don't even remember if she mirror cued. I just know that I was able to follow along, which is rare for me.

The background exercisers are all shapes, ages, sexes and colors.

The set is gym-style. The choreography is very basic. The music has a great beat and I can walk to it. Workout times are approximate.

Warm-up: 5 minutes
Walking and strength: 20 minutes
Cool down: 5 minutes

There is basic walking, side steps, etc. Then sets of squats, lunges and dips. I'd rate this as beginner/low intermediate. Much like the level in Leslie's Walk Away the Pounds workouts. The music was nice and loud.

I would definitely be interested in the other two workouts that are supposed to be available, but I don't know if you can just get them from the soon-to-be-airing infomercial.

Instructor Comments:
Please see review.