Cardio Interval Training

Petra Kolber
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This workout is 38 minutes long. It has a bonus section workout with Baron Baptiste of 10 minutes of yoga. I am only reviewing the cardio section with Petra after doing this workout several times.

There are two exercisers one does modifications the other advanced. Petra works in between these levels.

This workout should be labeled Floor Aerobics only. If you want a circuit with weights get Kelly Coffey's "The Shape Of Things To Come. Petra is motivating and cues exceptionally well. The aerobics are athletic and easy to learn. This workout has intensity but you can modify. The weight section is less than 1 min. and comes right after the third intensity blast of each aerobic interval. So I use the weight time to march, step touch or grapevine to lower my heartrate to get ready for the next aerobic session.

The set is white concrete walls w/wood flooring. Nothing special. The music was really good and motivating. The workout is such a great cardio routine that kept me in my training zone and spiked it up w/the blasts that I didn't mine the drab setting.


If done as I did excluding the weight sections and continuing the aerobics straight through this workout is a great floor aerobic routine w/lots of variety. Worth getting and keeping. Its great as a short workout for the time crunched or as a follow up after a strength training routine.

Instructor Comments:
Pleasant, energetic and uplifting instructor. Petra cues exceptionally well.