Spinal Strengthening

Bryan Kest
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

I bought this 2-pack CD along with Bryan's Long, slow and deep CD. After doing both of them, I returned the Long, slow and deep and kept the "Spinal" CD. They are both very similar, but the Spinal CD is much better. You do lots of cobras, side lateral stretch; camels (3x), locus, bow (held for 15 counts). Wide-legged stretch; forward stretch, push ups (sets of 5); abs, half-moon and some other balancing poses; plow and shoulder stand. There are no sun salutations, but don't think that you won't break a sweat; because you will.

My only complaints are that he does Virasana (heros pose) which is very bad on the knees for anyone over 40. I substitute happy cow face. Also there are no bridge and upward facing bow. I add these poses because after the spinal work my spinal is so limber that I just float up into upward facing bow.

All in all I like this CD and it's quite hard. I will certainly use it for years to come (especially since as we age, I'm 45, our spines become less limber.

Instructor Comments:
A little caustic and full of himself, but after awhile it's easy to block him out