Spinal Strengthening

Bryan Kest
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

Oh, my gosh why did I wait so long to buy these Bryan Kest CDs!!!??? The only word to describe this is FABULOUS. I have never done a yoga workout that left me with this strong of a reaction (and Ive gotten excited about a lot of them!). This 90-minute workout concentrates on loosening up your spine, with front, back, and side bending, stretching, and balancing. This is the only workout where Ive actually done a *good* camel comfortably. Backbend moves have always been difficult for me, but Bryan just leads you right into it. The combination of poses he chooses gets you ready for it and makes it seem like a walk in the park. I was totally amazed the first time I got to this part now I want to do this CD all the time! The rest of the workout is just as good. This one not only leaves you with that floaty, lighter-than-air feeling, but it also leaves you feeling like that for days! Grade A+++!

Annie S.