Spinal Strengthening

Bryan Kest
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

It's in cd format, therefore one can do as little or as much as one can handle. It is actually a well rounded full body workout. I thought it might be lots of spinal stretching and relaxation, but it includes loads of strengthening for the spine and the core. Starts off with a spinal balancing sequence - table position on hands and knees with extended opposing arm and leg - then side arm balances with lots of variations, and extended cat pose...then seated poses with table (stomach towards ceiling) with lots of variations and much boat work. Then prone poses- swimming type work, yoga "supermans" and bow pose. Next track is variations on camel with great lateral stretches. Then standing balances which are quite advanced. Then there's an extra hips and legs section - reclining pidgeon and nice hip stretches which feel great. Finishing poses include plow and shoulderstand and neck stretches. Plus of course my favourite spinal twists.

In between the poses in the first tracks - mini flows - plank down to low pushup position, and cobras and down dog. All in all about 130 poses which include the transition poses.

The booklet is great too. I thought it was going to be tiny - cd sized, but it's quite big - about 8 inches square - and it's spiral bound - excellent! Every pose is photographed - Bryan doing the advanced version of the pose, and a female model showing modifications. There are also written instructions along all the poses. And there are a couple of cute dogs in some of the photos - nice touch - my cat likes to join me in my yoga practice, so I appreciated this.

No music, but I don't mind. Music can be great, but it can be distracting.

All in all a great find. I am rally happy with my purchase, and plan to do it regularly.

Instructor Comments:
I like Bryan Kest. At first I found his pronunciation strange, but now i don't mind it, because he has a nice voice. And he pushes you - which I need. He gives good cues too.