Yoga in the Garden of Serenity

Kathleen Anderson
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

In 2004, I got into stretching workouts as a way of relaxing myself and dealing with really tight muscles, especially in the neck and shoulders. Since starting this, I have seen some real flexibility gains and have loosened up my neck and shoulder area. As a result, I am always on the lookout for stretch DVDs/videos that stretch out the neck and shoulder area. I was intrigued when reading the description of this workout because it included what promised to be a great stretch for this region of the body. I ended up trading for it, rather than buying it.

For me, someone who has begun to edge into doing yoga a bit more over time, this workout had different moves that I haven't seen before. Some of them were effective and left me feeling loose and relaxed. The neck section, in particular, was WONDERFUL and left my neck and shoulders feeling soooo good. Other moves, however, left me feeling a bit silly as I was doing them. "Swaying like a palm tree" just isn't something I get into. This workout clocks in at around an hour, longer than I usually like to spend on this type of workout.

Kathleen Anderson does a good job a leading the workout and gives good instructions and descriptions of the moves. The language is a bit flowery, but very descriptive of what she is doing. The instruction for the workout is done with her speaking in voice over. It matches up well with the moves.

Instructor Comments:
She is very calm and serene throughout the workout.

Laura S.