As Strong As Possible: Band Camp

Paul Katami
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

Band Camp is another great addition to the A.S.A.P. Fitness video library. This workout, which is approximately 46 minutes total, only uses resistance bands. You'll use handled tubing and foot bands throughout. Anyone can do this since you choose the level of resistance and can lengthen or shorten the band as needed.

A non weighted warmup performing moves similar to what you'll be doing begins the workout. Very unique exercises are demonstrated. (many work more than one body part at a time) Paul goes quickly from one exercise to another creating a small cardio affect. Great cues and instruction ensure safety. This would be an ideal take along workout for travel, since bands/tubing are easy to pack. Bands provide resistance both on the concentric and eccentric parts of the move. (which can make the exercise harder) The moves have a functional feel to them, such as the move Paul does called Golf Swing which will help you in your game. Paul ends with floor work such as rows & crunches. You'll still use the bands for innovative moves for the entire core region. (some moves are tough such as side plank with tubing around top foot and you'll push the other part of the tubing up and over to the side while remaining in the side plank) A quick stretch wraps up the workout.

Instructor Comments:

Great form tips throughout the entire A.S.A.P. Fitness series, both verbally and written. (tips appear on screen when needed)

Thanks to Paul for sending me review copies. These are great workouts that I recommend highly!