As Strong As Possible: Band Camp

Paul Katami
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This is a total body muscle conditioning workout using tubing with handles and a foot band (a large, thick rubber band). Itís 45 minutes long. The setting is a large room with brick walls and a bare, gray floor. There are five fit-looking background exercisers - two men and three women. The music is just there to keep everyone on the same beat, nothing special.


~ Warmup - simple movements to get the blood flowing; very short, less than 2 minutes.

~ Using the tubing:

- Core rotation & shoulder lift
- Front lunge with overhead shoulder press
- Skater lunge with lateral shoulder raise
- Side-to-side lunge with biceps curl
- Triceps press and kickbacks
*Repeat sequence with tubing under the other foot

~ Using the foot band around feet:

- Side steps
- Staggered steps
- Knee lifts
- Standing leg extensions
- Skate extensions
- Tick tocks (standing side leg lifts)

~ Using both the tubing and the foot band:

- Biceps curls with hamstring extension
- One-arm biceps curls (both handles in one hand!) with hamstring curls
- Front shoulder raises with rear leg extensions
- One-arm biceps curl with split squat
- Double time one-arm curls to the front, inside, outside (my biceps failed during this one!)
*Repeat sequence on other side except doing lateral shoulder raises instead of front raises

- Lat pulls from various angles with side steps

~ Using the tubing only:
(the following exercises are functional, whole body moves)

- Golf swing
- Standing oblique crunch
- Chest lift
- Cross lift
*Repeat on other side

- Seated rows from various angles

~ Abs:
Using foot band around feet:

- Basic crunch with leg abduction
- Oblique crunch with knee-ins

Using tubing around foot and hand:

- Long lever crunches
- Side planks
*Repeat on other side

~ Cool down - static stretching for the major muscle groups.

Overall, I liked the workout. It would be great for travel. It really hit my shoulders, biceps, core, outer thighs, and sense of balance. Chest was a little lacking however. Paul is an encouraging instructor who I didn't find annoying in the least, but he could have offered a few more form pointers; I wouldn't recommend this workout to a beginner. I do not regret buying this dvd and I can see myself using it when I want a total body, moderate rep workout that's challenging but not dread-inspiring.

Instructor Comments:
Encouraging and professional