Step With Style

Victoria Johnson
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

The setting is a small "room" with fabric draped on the walls (like curtains). The colors are muted.

There are three background exercisers (2 female, 1 male) plus Victoria.

The DVD (a $1 find at Target) is "chaptered" into an introduction, warm-up, step and weights. Note: there is a DVD "glitch" on several of the DVDs where there is a voiceover of a broadcast of some sort in the warm-up portion. It is very noticable, but it only appears in the warm-up.

The outfits are dated...during the warm-up: leotards over tights. During the step/weight portion, they add men's boxer shorts or, in Victoria's case, men's underwear over them. I found Victoria's outfit slightly distracting, but not enough to keep me from enjoying this workout and actually loved the style of one of the background exercisers, so watched her mostly anyway.

This is a fairly basic routine, although there are some pivots and over the step moves and turns. I am choreographically challenged and was confounded by those a couple of times, but managed to get them after a few trys.

While the exercisers are using a decidedly "funky" style, Victoria encourages you to use your own style.

I don't remember the music, which means it wasn't distracting--it fit with the routine.

Overall I really liked this workout and will definitely be doing this again.

Instructor Comments:
Victoria is a very up-beat instructor. She does "chat" a bit, but I did not find that annoying.

Donna (new2me)