Yoga Tune Up: Shoulder Shakti

Jill Miller
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

Setting: Yoga Studio.

Production Values: Jill's voice is somewhat echo-y.

Shoulder Warm-up 1 -
Circumduction - performed in side-lying and standing positions.
Shoulder Warm-Up 2 - Standing shoulder circles. Arms are extended up from shoulder, hands clasped with palms facing upward. Make circular "halo" movements behind head. Reverse direction.
Arm Stretch - arms clasped behind lower back, raise until there is good warmth in arm and shoulder (can use strap if flexibility limited).
Yogi Mudflap Girl - shoulder extensions.
Shoulder-Ups - Assume tabletop position. Retract and protract shoulders.
Yogi Push-ups (preparation for Chaturanga Dandasana).
Child's Pose
Child's Pose
Preparation for Gomukasana (cow face pose) - dolphin prep, arm rotation, arm rotation using yoga block.

Comments: My shoulders feel wonderful after I do this DVD. I have shoulder issues, and I'm noticing a gradual improvement in my range of motion after using this practice.

Instructor Comments:
Jill comes across as being warm and light-hearted, but not over the top. She uses excellent form, and provides modifications, as well as advice on using props.