Yoga Tune Up: Hips - Pelvic Primer

Jill Miller
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

Setting: Studio.

Production: Jill's voice is somewhat echo-y. At times, you can hear people talking in the background.

Intro: Jill begins by discussing the purpose of the DVD. I like to think of this session as having my own focused, instructor-led yoga workshop.

Practice: Sacroiliac Warm Up 1, focusing on the lower spine and pelvis. Assume tabletop position with one knee on a yoga block. Generating the movement from the hip of the opposite leg, the knee lifts up and down (providing internal and external hip rotation).
Sacroiliac Warm Up 2 - Same position as above, this time performing a cycling motion with the opposite leg, the spine undulating throughout the movement cycle. This is performed with a forward motion, and repeated with a backward movement. Rest in extended child's post after each side is worked.
Prasarita variation - (wide legged forward bend). Standing with knees bent, bend over until palms are flat on floor (can use block if hamstrings are tight). Shift side to side, then repeat movement with straight legs.
Pelvic stretches - Apanasana/half happy baby. Lie on floor with left foot against wall. Bend right leg up to chest and hold (can use strap if needed). Then, grasp right foot and lift torso up to thigh. Using the same basic position, bring leg back up and more out to the side, holding foot. Jill uses a kitchen timer, and has you hold each pose for 2 minutes. Switch sides. She also suggests repeating the series with a block under the hips.
Moving Garudasana - eagle pose variation is done while lying supine. The legs are lifted off the floor, and wrap around each other, just as you'd do in Eagle pose (multiple repetitions). I think of this as doing "leg pretzels".
Garudasana - done in supine position. Jill describes the move as wrapping your legs around each other as though they were "boa constrictors".
Happy Baby
Urdhva upavistha konasana (upward facing wide angle pose)

Comments: The DVD is 27 minutes in length. It isn't formally chaptered on the menu, but you can skip forward from pose to pose. If production values are of utmost importance, you may not be happy with this series. Having said that, I've enjoyed these focused lessons, and have no regrets about making the purchase.

Instructor Comments:
Jill comes across as being warm and light-hearted (but not over the top). She demonstrates good form and discusses the use of props for those who require modifications.