The Hollywood Trainer: Ultimate Cross Training

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

This workout is part of the Hollywood Trainer series. It is about 45 minutes long and features a weight work section, a kickboxing section and a yoga/pilates section. It is a good sampler of the other workouts in the series. I used it on a day where I was not sure whether I wanted weights or cardio and was not really in the mood for something killer. For this purpose, it worked just fine for me, but I would not choose this tape if I was in the mood for hard-core strength.

The weight section focused mostly on the lower body and involved various squats and plies done with arm exercises. Jeanette and her two background exercisers move at a brisk pace so I kept my weights light. It was fairly high-rep and a good lower body-focused endurance workout.

The kickboxing section was very similar to the work in Kickbox Bootcamp. It was a lot of fun; Jeanette is a great instructor, very motivating and high energy. The combos were simple and easy to follow. I worked up a great sweat.

The yoga section was very short and featured some variations on the sun salutation. It moved a bit too quickly for me. I have not yet tried the yoga tape in this series but I hope this was not representative. I did not love this section but it was fairly short and it was nice to get some proper stretching in.

The Pilates section was decent, I suppose. I am not a huge Pilates connoisseur, but what was here seemed as good as any other workout I have tried. It was fairly short too, and it ended with a short stretch.

Overall, I really enjoyed this tape. I am not sure how to classify it though. Not enough strength to be strength-building, not enough cardio to be cardio. Iím not really sure where it would fit into a rotation other than as something you do when you arenít sure what you want to do. It would also be a good sampler for someone who wants to see what the series is like. I am not sure how regularly Iíll do this one, but when in the mood for it, Iím sure Iíll enjoy it and manage just fine.