The Hollywood Trainer: Cardio Sculpt

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This workout is part of the Hollywood Trainer series and has a look and feel that will be familiar to anyone who has tried other titles in the set. It is filmed outdoors with Jeanette leading two background exercisers. They follow along but do not perform modifications, which was a trait that annoyed me in some of the other tapes in the series. Jeanette has some challenging balance work in some of the sets and I think it would have been nice to have one of the background people using a dowel for balance.

There is a short warm-up of fairly standard marches and taps and upper body moves, then some stretches. Following this, Jeanette alternates upper and lower body exercises. Usually there is one slow set of about 8-10 reps, then a faster set of about 20. Push-ups begin the workout but only get one set of 20, then we get squats and abductions, back flys, lunge and shoulder press, triceps and posture, repeater knees, plies with upper body, abductor leg lifts, triceps and shoulders, roundhouse and repeater knee, triceps push-up and plank, floor work, abs and stretch. The dvd is well-chaptered, with each of the mentioned exercise getting its own chapter break. An insert in the case lists all the chapters.

I enjoyed the routine, for the most part. It was high-rep enough to be high-rep, but not so high-rep as to be over-kill, and Jeanette was a motivating and energetic instructor. But I found her banter a bit annoying in spots. She tangents during on of the posture exercises on ďcup sizeĒ and during lunges, tells you that you donít have to do them if your knee feels weird, but she does not offer a modification for what you might do instead, other than a directive to go see your doctor and find out whatís wrong with your knee. She also has almost zero interaction with the background exercisers.

I canít see myself doing this workout for weeks at a time, but it is a nice and quick total-body routine that I am happy to have in my collection.

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