The Hollywood Trainer: Cardio Sculpt

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

The two tapes I previewed, supposedly the best of the litter - Cardio Sculpt and Ultimate Cross Training - don't stand the test of time, let alone a trial run in a single workout. I am so glad I did not spend nearly $100 for the entire set and instead purchased these two DVDs alone over at the YaYas.

This set is taped outside. But there is “outside” at a stunning site or on a beautiful beach like Rainbeau Mars or Gilad and then there is “outside” on a patch of burnt grass in the corner of a backyard like Body-B-Fit. The Hollywood Trainer clearly falls into the latter category. I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for rolling out a yoga mat on a slate and concrete patio floor when the Hollywood Trainer lives in Southern California where it could be argued the locale has a monopoly on natural beauty in the world.

Certainly not weather nor cost-to-produce could be a reason for not identifying and selecting a more suitable site for the set. But frankly from the glib, superficial banter, stream of consciousness without any consciousness (is there a word for this?), which was like chalk-on-the-board-chatter to my auditory senses, it is apparent that the Hollywood Trainer thought she could just show up in a new outfit without any preparation for the script or production of these tapes and that would be sufficient. Well it isn’t. For light weight/high reps there are much better choices available out there Anything-Beachbody.. The FIRM Classics. Cindy Crawford. Cathe’s Body Blast and probably her new beginner tapes about to be released are a few that come to mind.

The exercises in these two tapes are nothing new. If you have been doing the same traditional free-weight workout with either light or heavy weight and you’re getting the same old results, there is nothing new in these tapes that will prove to be a plateau-buster. Save your money and buy P90-X.. You’re not missing a fitness-altering experience by not having these tapes.