Baron Baptiste Live Series DVD

Baron Baptiste
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

I have had this DVD for about six weeks, and it is still one of my favorites, and one that I keep reaching for. The DVD contains three workouts. The workouts are similar and contain some of the same poses, but they each have a different emphasis. Soul of Strength is an advanced level 60 minute workout that covers a little bit of everything. It starts with sun salutations and warrior series. Then it moves on to some challenging balancing poses that will really work your legs. There are a lot of standing on one leg poses including eagle and tree pose. Then you move on to back bending poses like camel, bridge, and wheel. Then you do some abdominal poses and hip openers, and end with the final relaxation.

The second workout is Core Power, an intermediate level workout that emphasizes back bending and abdominal strengthening. This workout is about 29 minutes long. Some of the backs bending poses include bow, camel, bridge, and tabletop poses, as well as cat back arches. The abdominal section includes some slow bicycle-type exercises and boat pose. This workout also has you stay in the plank (push up, up position) for a longer period of time and you can really feel your entire core working.

The third workout is Unlocking Athletic Power. This is a 30 minute intermediate/advanced workout that is meant to help athletes stretch out and reduce the effects of repetative stress that is placed on your body while doing sports. Baron does a lot of "runner stretches", for the legs and hip openers as well as abdominal and back bending poses. This workout includes some challending poses like chair, crow, half pigeon and crescent moon poses.

The DVD Menu includes "Play" and "Sequences" for each workout. When you go into "Sequences", you can choose between Sun Salutation A, Warrior Series, Balancing Series, Back Bending Series, etc. This workout really flows smoothly from one pose to another, and the music is great. During each of the final relaxation poses, Baron says that you should stay in that position for 5 to 15 minutes if you can. When the workout ends, the music keeps going, which is very relaxing. The workouts on this DVD range from intermediate to advanced, giving you variety, as well as a DVD that you can grow with.

Instructor Comments:
Baron Baptiste is an excellent instructor. He walks you through the poses step by step, telling you exactly where to place your feet and your arms. He gives good form pointers too, reminding you to check the positioning of your arms and feet. He is also very encouraging. He reminds people to only go as far as they can go, and he shows modifications for some of the poses. During the balancing poses he says its ok if you fall, just get back up and keep trying.