iSculpt Ballet, Set 30

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Ballet/Barre
- Audio Workout

iBallet 30 – New Barre (40 minutes)

Barre (35:40)
▪ Plié in 2nd position / with side stretch (4:00)
▪ Plié position with feet parallel, up on toes, magic circle between inner thighs, no pelvic tuck: (1) press knees in, (2) press down and lift – repeat.
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Plié position with legs and feet together, up on toes: (1) press down and lift up, (2) hold down and tap knees together – repeat.
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Small v-position, ball between knees, heels up and hips tucked under: (1) lift and lower, (2) squeeze knees in – repeat.
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Place ball on abdominals and ballet barre (or place magic circle against body barre); take one leg back into arabesque: (1) press up, (2) press in – repeat. Hamstring stretch. Repeat other side.
▪ Développé or grand battement?? Small circles??
▪ Brushes front, side, back, side
▪ Ice skaters
▪ 2nd position plié: (1) side stretch reach to work the core; (2) place hand towel between hands and twist side-to-side
▪ Plank (alt. knee bend)

Stretch (4:41)
▪ Bow pose
▪ Child pose
▪ Single pigeon
▪ Hamstring stretch

I would say this is a solid thigh workout (4 minutes 2nd position pliés + 10 minutes isometric pliés + other ballet moves like "brushes"). When I did the workout, I thought Grace had done Pure Barre and read our comments here on VF because the format is very similar but she includes more stretches. There is not as much glute work here though and in the future I might add on the floor segment from iBallet 12 (pelvic tucks) when I want a longer, more complete workout.

Some of the positions are a little strange - e.g., placing a ball between the core and the barre or using the magic circle for a hamstring stretch - but at least it offers some variety.

I could not view the video either and, like Barregirl, there is one move I did not understand so I did a leg abduction and small circles leaning sideways over the barre (they do this moves in the Physique 57 "couch potato" segment). It worked very well and I will probably continue to do that.

I have a feeling I will use this one a lot!

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