Total Body Fitness

Kathy Ireland
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This is a begginers level video with a 30 minute low impact aerobic workwout with easy-to-follow steps. A 25 minute total body conditioning segment that increases strength by using your body's resistance. And to end this total body workout a 20 minute lower body segment that firms your legs, hips, and abs. This video is great broken up when you find yourself short of time and is a well rounded workout when all segments are done simultaeously.

Unlike all the other videos on the market this one is as if you walked into an aerobics class with ordinary people like yourself. Nobody is wearing matching clothing! Nobody is perfect! Everybody is actually having fun! I hope to see more exercise videos like is one with "real people" at higher exercise levels from all exercise video producers.

Instructor Comments:
For this exercise video to be Kathy's first I think she has done an outstanding job. She interacts with participants by laughing and having fun. She is diffently not like the other instructors, all work and no play.

Karen Mason