Total Body Fitness

Kathy Ireland
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This film totals 90 minutes. It is divided into 3 sections which can be combined using all three segments or alternating segments when time is limited. This video is filmed outdoors. One of the exercisers is Kathy's mother.

The first segment involves 30 minutes of low-impact aerobics. The routines are very basic consisting of 4 steps forward, 4 steps backward, 4 steps to the left, and 4 steps to the right. The arm and leg patterns vary as you move forward, backwards, left, and then to the right. At the end, the different arm and leg patterns are all put together to complete the aerobic section. Definitely a beginner video. I found it difficult to elevate my heat rate, therefore I use it very little if at all. It's an ideal video for someone interested in starting their own aerobic program and one that is not to intimidating. Because one will grow out of it so quickly maybe checking out the video from your local library would be the way to get started.

The warm-up and cool-downs are very through and relaxing.

Segment 2 is 25 minutes of total body conditioning. I found this segment more challenging. It consists of pelvic tilts, stationary lunges, basic squats using a chair, push-ups, and abdominals.

Segment 3 is called the lower body meltdown and is about 20 minutes. It is just a more intense version of segment 2 working all the same muscle groups.