Hot Yoga Level 1

Baron Baptiste
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

This is a great workout. It's divided into 3 segments of about 15 minutes each. The first is a warm-up type with many sun salutations. The second is challenging lower body poses which actually leave my hamstrings sore (good sore!). And the third is ab stabilization work. It's excellent. This is my favourite non-mystical yoga tape. I enjoy doing the first section as my warm-up to say Cathe's Step Fit, and then after stepping, I do sections 2 and 3. It's a great workout. I wouldn't recommend it to yoga beginners because it's quite strenous, but for yoga intermediates who want a more athletic approach to yoga.

Instructor Comments:
Excellent: he's not too new-agey, very thorough instruction, and cute!

Idalis Sanchez