10 Minute Solution: Pilates

Lara Hudson
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

This DVD is part of my rotation and I do try to do all five sections once a week.

Abs: Basic Pilates abwork (double leg stretch, scissors, etc.) Gets the job done. There are a series of rollovers where you roll back into almost a yoga plow position and roll down. I've yet to do these without having to physically push my butt up higher with my hands. My abs just aren't that strong yet.

Legs: A very good section. Leg circles, rond de jambes, bridges, grasshopper -- all of these exercises really work the legs for me and stretch them at teh same time.

Arms: A series of arm exercises using 2 to 3 pound weights. The reps are fast and light intensity, so light weights do the job just fine. As Lara points out, the object is to tone the arms, not to create muscle.

Pilates Burn: This one always makes me sweat. A series of flowing moves involving planks, push-ups, leg lifts and circles, etc. Very effective.

Stretch: My favorite section of all. This is one of the best 10 minute stretch series that I've done. It thoroughly works all of the kinks out, particularly in the back, legs and side waist.

I highly recommend this DVD. I only do it once a week because I am more focused on cardio and circuit training, but I like to do this one, even if I'm in the mood for something more that day. It gives my body a chance to relax from intense cardio and weights but I'm still doing some challenging stuff at the same time. Also, after all the stretching, I'm usually all refreshed and ready to go the next day for a fresh new week of exercise torture!

Instructor Comments:
Lara is very calm, precise and no nonsense with her instructions. Not overly chatty, pleasant.

Lady D