Hot Yoga Level 1

Baron Baptiste
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

I get this tape simultaneously with Bryan Kestís vol. 1. So I canít help comparing them. Although Bryan Kestís workout has more interesting poses, I prefer Baron as the instructor. He cues much better and his monotone makes me more concentrate with the poses than Bryan yelling at you. (I always want to yell back.) Before I get this tape, I have done only Yoga Journalís Yoga for Beginners. Iím really glad that I know some form pointers from the latter tape before doing Baronís tape, and in this case the Bryanís tape as well. Baron and Bryan do not give much form pointers, or at least the usual pointers we are familiar with. They stress more on the sensation, which is rather vague for me. As Dawn has described so well, the tape consists of 3 sections. The pre-sport section seems to be a little repetitive but you will feel warmed up. The post-sport is very challenging for me. It is 15 minutes and this section alone is tougher than the whole Bryanís tape. I never have a feeling like cursing any instructors before, however tough it is. But I have a fleeting feeling like this with Baron. I donít mean this in a negative sense but definitely in a positive! After Iíve done this tape, my legs feel floppy for some time which I never feel even after Standing Legs. The last section is abs work and really good. At first I try to add each section after weight or cardio. But I find that that way I cannot concentrate properly and too exhausted to do the poses. I decide to cut one day of weight training and do only yoga instead. I donít feel I miss anything. What yoga does for me is not relaxation or "be one with myself". (Iím too rational and too mundane). Rather it improves my strength, stamina and flexibility. Besides, it does make my abs stronger.

Instructor Comments:
Baron is excellent. IĎm planning to get his other tapes. The only thing annoying me in his tape is that there are too many background exercisers. The room (CIA set) seems crowded. When I preview, Iím afraid all the time that he might tread on someoneís hair or limbs. And it seems to be common in yoga videos that the instructors do not use the mirror cueing.