Hot Yoga Level 1

Baron Baptiste
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

Hot Yoga Level I says it's for all fitness levels and is a beginner tape. I have done a fair amount of yoga and I would add that a person trying this tape must have a good level of fitness. No modifications are shown and it could be discouraging if a beginner thought all yoga was this strenuous. That being said, I like this tape and use it a lot. It's divided into three segments: Pre-sport, post-sport and lower back/abs. It begins with the pre-sport section which is about 15 minutes long, and consists of several flowing sun salutations (forward bends, downward facing dog, upward facing dog, lunges) and ends with leg stretches. After this section, Baron is clear that he's about to begin the standing leg (post sport) segment. The 2nd section is also about 15 minutes and focuses on standing warrior poses, with static lunges, leg lifts and stretches. You need thigh strength and balance for this part. The final segment is the lower back/abs section, about 10 minutes of static leg lifts, some "bicycle" type moves, and stretches. The tape ends with "dead man pose."

I often use this tape in combination with an aerobic/step tape, stopping Hot Yoga after the first segment, and returning to it after I finish the cardio. By that time, my muscles are really warmed up and I get a great stretch.

I recommend this tape highly.

Instructor Comments:
Solid encouraging instruction, with lots of form pointers as you go. Baron talks a lot but when you're doing the poses it doesn't detract. He knows what he's doing, that's clear.