Step Cardio Combo

Andre Houle
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

A thoroughly enjoyable step/low-impact hi-lo video from the former Sara's City line. Those familiar with SCNW's line-up of instructors will get a kick out of seeing Gay Gasper, Manuel Velasquez and Deborah Puskarich get down with Andre.
The 26 minutes of step consists of 3 big blocks of choreography that Andre cumulatively adds on. Step taps around the step, turn straddles, mambos across the step, cha-chas and shuffles galore, mambos off the back and front of the step, scissor over the step and a few twirls are the essential components of this workout. It's about intermediate in intensity. So is the 19-minute floor aerobics, which start off with "funky" step forwards, shuffles and box steps. There is a three-grapevine sequence that ends with funky hips. Then you do a strut across the floor that gets jacks and fast feet forward jumps (overall, this is really a pretty low-impact workout). There is a four-mambo sequence that gets quite fast, followed by a mambo-in-a-circle move that gets funky. Andre is great about motivating everyone to get down and funky and not worry about it. With such short step and hi-lo workouts you don't get a lot of TIFFT but overall 45 minutes of solid intermediate workout that I found really fun!

Instructor Comments:
Adorable and a great teacher. He's one of those instructors who have you doing fairly complex sequences in no time at all...and he makes me smile, even chuckle, out loud and can inspire even the most self-conscious exerciser to let it all hang out. "c'mon shake it!"