Power Half Hour: Stretch

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Athletic Stretch

This workout is part of the Power Half Hour series, which consists of thighs, arms, buns, abs and stretch. I have the dvd version which includes all of these routines plus an outttakes bonus.

The workout features the typical beachbody countdown clocks for the section and the workout as a whole, and bar graph to indicate elapsed chapters. Tony is very personable and entertaining and works out on a bare, drab blue and grey set with a male and female background exerciser.

The workout begins with a fairly self-contained 10-minute section that Tony recommends you do on its own more often, or combined with the second bit when you have time. It features a variety of standing stretches held for decent intervals. It was a very easy section to follow and it felt great. It ends with a short plank/downward dog and a child’s pose. I loved this section. The time flew by and I can see myself doing this often as a workout add-on.

The last 20 minutes are a more advanced “power” stretch which is more yoga-like and features some tricky moves such as triangles and back bends, before ending with a very nice twist section on the floor. Tony is very good throughout at suggesting modifications and demonstrating them on background helper Tony 2.

Tony is one of those like him or hate him instructors, and his style might not be for everyone. But it works for me. I love the countdown clocks, I love friendly ol’ Tony, and this workout is a worthy addition to my collection.